special support

There are times where our management staff is asked to participate in an offsite presentation.  Shark Bite Domains offers our Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Deskin has a senior marketing presenter for investor meetings, senior presentations and business planning sessions.

Greg’s 24 years of experience leading Fortune 300 Sales & Marketing teams is second to none.

To contact Greg directly, please visit our Contact page on this web site.


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technical support

Our hosting support is available 24/7.

Our domain services are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Choosing Shark Bite Domains

Choosing a website design firm can seem difficult and overwhelming. We want to make your decision as pain-free and rewarding as possible. Here's why we think you should choose us:

Proven Results
Why do most of our clients come back for additional services, new products, and rely on us as their source for their online marketing & success? Because our sites look great and deliver results for our clients. Additionally, we have incredible relationships with our clients. Truly, each client is a member of our extended family.

Top Rankings
We are not some fly by night company who makes promises that we cannot deliver.  We show you results from similar sites that we have in process.  We can show you results from day 1 through day 365.  We track everything from keywords to what browser the client was using when they came to your site.

Unparalleled Experience
We have designed and built over 100 websites for professional companies and non-profit firms, and that experience is brought into each custom designed website we build. We know what works in website design and what will deliver results.

Professional Design
Shark Bite Domains starts with the right name and builds upon it.  Our designs are intended to captivate your clients and keep the search engine world optimized.  This means you will not see a lot of flash screens and fantasy music.  Just leads that drive sales.