projects archive

July, 27,1998

Classic SCUBA was able to generate over 5,000 monthly inquires about their Southern California SCUBA tours.  This project went from conception to finished product in only 14 months.


august, 15, 2000

Hawaii Dive Packages now earns over $3,000 monthly in Google and Amazon revenue


September, 21, 2002

Center for Business Christian Ethics started out as a simple counseling service and has grown to over 1500 members

Western Rider

Western Rider Magazine is one of our current projects.  This website started out in August 2011.  As of November 1st, 2011; their newsletter has over 450 subscribers and the website is generating over 40 unique visitors daily.  This is only the first 90 from conception.

Western Rider has started their “deep linking” service where internal pages are being linked to from our custom article team through the equine communities RSS news feed.

As we progress on this project, check back periodically to see how this started up magazine started and is continuing to grow.
The goal is this phase of the project is to be generating $1,000 in revenue and attracting over 10,000 unique visitors per month.