what we offer

At Shark Bite Domains we are honored to bring your company the finest websites with an integrated mixture of other services to ensure you are getting the R.O.I. (Return on Investment), you expect.  To prove this we offer highly integrated services and measure you R.O.I. to provide you with the feedback that will make any C.M.O. (Chief Marketing Officer), take notice.


About Company

We started by creating our own internet sites in the early ‘90s.  We initially focused on the Sports and Leisure market place where internet sites were built and forgotten.  Soon we had massed 100s of sites that in return, linked back to our own marketing efforts.  SCUBA Names was created to offer this targeted link farm to other newly developed sites.

We do not cut corners by throwing up useless information.  Each site is designed and built around a specific marketing focus and measured for success and improvement.

why choose us

Shark Bite Domains is a customer oriented internet design, development, marketing and hosting services company.  We invented the multiple domain marketing segments.  We measure our success on the R.O.I. of our clients.  We created targeted campaigns with specific traceable landing pages to ensure you are getting the response you need to drive leads and sales.